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Sunday Church Services Have Restarted
Weekly Sunday church services restarted at St Andrew’s Garrison Church, on Sunday 4th October.  The service begins at 11.15am.

Those attending:
• Please arrive at church between 11am and 11.15am.  (Arrival times are being controlled to ensure that the church is properly wiped down and cleaned immediately prior to the service.)
• Please enter the church by the main door, rather than use any of the side entrances. Within the church there will be a one way system.
• Those attending the service, as members of the congregation, will require to wear masks and be socially distanced from other members of the congregation who do not belong to their household.
• After the service please leave, rather than mingle or chat.
• Those attending the service, as members of the congregation, will be required to give their names which will be kept for three weeks incase contact tracing of those present at the service is needed.

Sunday School has not yet restarted.

It is recognised that a number of people will not be returning immediately when church restarts and consequently the church service will still also be broadcast using Zoom.  If you are on the church’s email list, login details should have been emailed to you.  If not and you would like to login to this Sunday’s service, please email our session clerk, Murdo Macleod, at, for the website address and login passwords.  (Click on the website address emailed to you to download and install a small file to be able to sign in to the Church’s Zoom meeting/service.  When the meeting/service starts, one then needs to input the passwords.)

Repeated sermons will be put online during Covid-19 Period
A number of recordings of historic sermons have been added to the website.  New sermon repeats will be uploaded late Saturday, early Sunday each week. Click here to listen to them.

Churh of Scotland Covid-19 Info
Church of Scotland updates on Covid-19 and how it will affect church services for the time being can be found at:

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